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Salesforce Certified Consultants, App Builders, Developers and Administrators.


Strategic consulting and implementation of Sales Cloud, Account Engagement (Pardot) and Marketing Cloud.

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Oracle Certified expertise implementing and driving success with Oracle CX Marketing Eloqua.


Award winning capabilities integrating Eloqua with MarTech, CRM and extending functionality with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

Challenges and Solutions

You have a data lake, a list vendor, databases, user accounts, probably a CRM or two and a million forms. Plus it’s not unusual for country or regional units to have their own Marketing and Sales technology stack.

But that makes its incredibly hard to access a single customer view, and briefing IT to help build segments or reporting takes ages. You might not even be sure what the single source of truth is anymore.

But technology is moving on rapidly and we’re now able to merge in and select the most relevant marketing data sources. Allow your teams to drag and drop segments and know they’re building from the most up to date sources and wont be accidently mailing to the wrong audiences.

Talk to us about your Marketing Automation Platform’s native CRM connectivity or options for using a CDP (Customer Data Platform) or Cloud Integration Services.

Talk to us about Customer Data Platforms

Social media engagement data such as posts or profiles are particularly hard to associate with known individuals in your Marketing Automation database.

However, once these platforms are connected, database marketing contacts can be joined to social profiles with sophisticated matching logic and AI.

With this connection you can build hyper-personalized messaging, react in real time to social post content and keywords, and monitor social reach and social lead source attribution of campaigns.

Talk to us to discuss how you can connect your social audience engagement with your Marketing Automation Platform, and how to drive revenue, reporting and campaign performance with this data stream.

Talk with us about leveraging Social Media

Oracle Eloqua, Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC), Salesforce Account Engagement (formerly Pardot), Adobe Campaign and Hubspot are all popular marketing automation platforms for B2B customers.

But how can you cut through the rhetoric and buzzwords to make the right decision first time when selecting a MAP?

Broadsail has deep strategic and technical experience of all of them. We will work with you to understand your unique business requirements to build a scorecard and overall final recommendation on the platform.

When reviewing the platforms we will focus on features, ease of use, integration with your existing and planned stack, scalability, cost, contract and terms, available support and training, and innovation and the platform roadmap.

Talk to us about MAP platform selection

Marketing attribution is challenging due to the intricate nature of modern consumer journeys, which span multiple channels and devices, involve prolonged decision-making cycles, and integrate both online and offline interactions.

The complexity is compounded by varied attribution models, data fragmentation, privacy concerns, and the evolving marketing landscape, making it difficult to accurately attribute conversions to specific marketing touchpoints amidst a dynamic and interconnected ecosystem.

Fortunately, Broadsail has experience advising on what is possible with your current systems and processes, and building-out effective attribution reporting within CRM, MAP or as a dedicated reporting layer connecting all parts of the funnel.

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Broadsail is proud to be an Oracle partner with over 30 combined years experience implementing and driving success with CX Marketing and Eloqua