Technology Services


System Integration

Cloud or On-Premise Marketing Automation Platform point-to-point integration with MarTech or CRM.

Middleware/IPaaS design and development for more complex technology stacks.

Customer Data Platform requirements discovery and Marketing Automation Platform integration

Data integration with continuous ETL (Extract, Transform, Load).

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Marketing Automation Implementation

Objectives and overall strategy defined prior to vendor selection process.

Data analysis and profiling to develop an effective lead profiling and reporting strategy and standardized, consistent database.

Training, onboarding, governance and change management processes ensure long term success.

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Strategic Consulting


Marketing Operations

Sales Alignment is at the core of everything we set out to achieve.

Governance and documentation for both data and technology is essential for long term success.

Auditing and improvement of process, skills, project management and performance measurement.

Training and development frameworks.

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Marketing Automation Consulting

Lead Management, CRM integration and sales marketing funnel definitions that foster alignment and follow-up.

Campaign Models to support online and offline marketing activities and revenue attribution.

Always-On Nurturing with lead qualification using scoring models.

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Analytics and Performance

Robust frameworks for marketing and sales reporting that delivers valuable insights and supports strategic decision-making.

First touch, last touch, even distribution or custom attribution models.

Development of effective reports and dashboards in MAP, CRM or as a custom reporting layer and data warehouse.

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Production and Creative Services


Campaign Production

Outsourced campaign production, project management and QA to support your existing team.

Able to scale on demand and bring in specialist development or consulting resources when required.

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UX and Front-End Design

Responsive modular email and landing page template suites that are aligned to corporate brand standards.

Front-end design and UX optimized to increase conversion rates.

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