Marketing Automation Implementation

Vendor selections are underway and calendar invites are out; the Sales teams from Adobe, Salesforce and Oracle are on their way to pitch their eco systems. But these are not the people who will setup, configure or train your team to use the platform.

Broadsail can guide you through the selection process, ensure that your IT partners understand what they need to do and begin to train your Marketing and Sales teams to work in harmony. We can help with the many moving parts:

  • Ensure you email reputation is the very best it can be, so your email campaigns wont end up in the Spam folder
  • Work with your CRM and Data Warehouse system administrators to get your marketable data into the system and properly segmented
  • Setup your email, landing page and form templates and show your teams how to use them
  • Train you on how to use the reporting and understand at a high level how many Prospects and Leads are in the pipeline and how far they are from converting